Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 and our Christmas Tree

Well, it ends up that one of the Christmas crafts I am doing is taking WAY longer than expected, so I haven't got a completed craft to share today.  I am about halfway done, though, and I think I'm really going to like it in the end, so I'm okay with the time it is taking.  Here's a little tease:

But in other news, we did finish our tree tonight!  After I put Claire to bed, Patrick set up the tree (I'm allergic, so sadly no real ones for us), and then we put on all our ornaments.  Patrick has more than I do because his family has a great tradition that each person gets a new ornament each year.  Then when they are all grown up, they get to take their ornaments with them.  I love this, and we've started doing it for our little family of 3. 

We made sure that all ornaments on the bottom half of the tree are unbreakable and free of small parts so that Claire can't hurt them or be hurt by them.  And we've instituted a one-finger touch policy.  She may touch the tree, but only with one finger.  Apparently my mom did this with me when I was her age, and I have to admit, it works like a charm.  I've been teaching Claire to do it with the Advent tree and the garland on the fireplace.  It stops me from having to say "No, no, Claire" a gazillion times a day, and satisfies her curiosity, while keeping everyone and everything safe and sound.  Talk about a win-win!  Plus it's super cute watching her think about putting only one finger on things.  I swear you can see the gears turning in their brains at this age! 

I guess our tree isn't 100% done because we are in need of a new tree skirt (can anyone say Christmas craft?), and I haven't finished the garland, but it's mostly done and it's a very happy little addition to our living room!  There's just something about a Christmas tree.  Like most things Christmas, it makes me happy.  We can't wait for Claire to see it in the morning!

Anyone else a bit delayed with their tree trimming like us?  Any Christmas Eve tree folks out there? 

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  1. Anonymous12/07/2011

    My mom always did the tree on Christmas Eve growing up. We set ours up after Thanksgiving though. Emilia doesn't touch it, although she has begged me for the star from the top on several occasions. The cats are the ones destroying it day by day. --Kim A.