Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11 of Christmas Crafts: Star Ornament

I love taking simple, unassuming materials, and transforming them into something beautiful.  Today that is what I did.  I used the most modest of materials to make a star ornament.  It is simple and unassuming, but it is also beautiful and it makes me smile when I see it on the tree.

My inspiration came from Pinterest, of course.  It's like a maze, that site.  You click on something one person has pinned, and that brings you to their other ideas, which bring you to others, and then others.  Endless inspiration.  I pinned today's craft here, but it is originally from here.  The original link has excellent instructions, so if you'd like to make an ornament as well, head there. 

This project was free to me, as I had all materials on hand.  I used:
  • one empty paper towel roll
  • a scrap piece of ivory ribbon
  • Scotch Quick-Dry adhesive
Here is my finished project:
And here it is on our tree:
I love that it almost fades into the background, but adds a bit of depth and texture.  I chose not to paint or add glitter to mine.  I like the rustic feel of it.  Perhaps later I'll add more to it if I change my mind.  The best part of this craft was it took me about 10 minutes while sitting on the couch next to Patrick.  Gotta love that shoulder-to-shoulder time. :)

Anyone else ever made ornaments from paper towel rolls?  Some of the designs I saw online are amazingly intricate.  I may decide to make another, larger one in the future for my wall...  Could be very cool!

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