Friday, September 9, 2011

A few pics

We have been TERRIBLE about keeping up with our pictures lately.  The backlog of photo editing from our cruise in May has consumed so much time.  I realized that after sending monthly pics of Claire to family and friends for the first 11 months of her life, 3 months later we still haven't sent out ones from her 12th month.  Oops.  So consider this a little taster of the last 3 months.  I promise we'll get pics out to our loved ones soon.

May (12 months)
Looking back, I can't believe how little Claire was then. Man has she grown in 3 months!
Here's our family pic from Mother's Day:
June (13 months)
June was a BUSY month for Claire.  She learned to walk independently, and that meant she was into everything!
 Checking out mommy's cookbooks...
 and then daddy's shoes...
And then of course she had to take them for a test drive. :)
She even helped us rearrange the living room...
And discovered the joy of riding on Daddy's back!
We also got to celebrate Patrick's MBA program graduation.  Claire and I are so proud of him!

July (14 months)
July was a crazy busy month.  It flew by.  So much so we forgot to take many pictures. We did get to have some quality family time though.
 Claire loves to feed people.  Whether or not they want to be fed. :)
I can't believe she's so big now.  Where did the time go???
Claire progressed from walking to running.  Her favorite jogging track is the couch.
 We met friends at the farmers market.  Claire enjoyed hanging out with everyone...
and trying on the merchandise.  I kinda wish we had gotten this hat.  My cute little cupcake :)

August (15 months)
We went to Shakespeare in the park in August.  Claire didn't pay much attention to the play,
 but she charmed the pants off of most everyone there.
 Claire has started singing along with me and doing the hand gestures to her favorite songs.
 I love the faces she makes!
 Claire tried on Patrick's badge.  Apparently she's relishing a future in aviation!
 We never got around to getting C's 1 yr pics taken, so we decided to take some of our own.  Such a sweetie pie!
We went on Claire's first road trip to the Cascade Loop and the North Cascades National Park.  It was gorgeous!
 If only she'd keep the glasses and hat on...

 Claire got her first "boo boo" on this trip.  I can't believe she made it 15 months without one!

So there you have it.  I apologize to those we love for not being better about getting pics out.  Consider us abashed.