Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Supplies Sales Round-up
Week of 7/10/11

Ok, if you've decided to help me gather school supply donations, THANK YOU!!!  I am so grateful to have your help.  Here are the best deals I found this week:


Staples is my number one, go-to place for school supply deals.  Every week they have a set of 1-cent, 25-cents, and $1 deals that are on supplies almost every kid needs.  (For most of these deals, you can only buy 2 of each item.) This week, here's what I got:

For all this, I spent just $17.54.  But it gets better-- the reams of paper were on a rebate special, so they are sending me a rebate check for $11.48, which means that these 18 items will actually have cost me just $6.06!  Not too shabby.  Here are the details. I got:
  • 2 reams of multipurpose paper for $5.99 each before rebate, $0.25 each after rebate
  • 2 plastic two-pocket folders for 25-cents each
  • 2 plastic pencil boxes for 25-cents each
  • 2 Wescott All-Purpose Scissors for $1 each (these are adult-size)
  • 2 Wescott "For Kids" 2-pack scissors for $1 each (that's 4 student-size scissors for $2 total)
  • 2 Bic "Student's Choice" mechanical pencil 5-packs for 25-cents each
  • 2 Staples brand school glue for 1-cent each
  • 2 Staples brand cap eraser 12-packs for 1-cent each
  • 2 Bic "Round Stic" ball-point pen 10-packs for 1-cent each

NOTE: Some the 1-cent deals are only good through Wednesday, the rest are good through Saturday.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer had some pretty good deals this week, too.  Here's what I got there:
  • 4 Crayola crayons 24-packs for 25-cents each
  • 3 Elmer's school glue bottles for 25-cents each.

Both of these deals were limited to 4 items each.  Why did I get only 3 glues?  Because I found a great online rebate that credits you 75-cents when you buy Elmers glue.  Therefore, all three glues were free, and I don't have to count them toward my personal $100 donation cap.  Info on this rebate here. That means my total cost at Fred Meyer's this week was only $1 for 7 items!

NOTE: I am showing totals pre-tax as sales tax rates vary by location.

Other Stores

If you are interested in finding supply deals at other stores, here are some links to krazycouponlady.com.  This is the website I use to plan my weekly grocery shopping, and they do a great job summarizing the back-to-school specials, too.  Click on the name of the store below to find their specials for this week:

CVS and Walgreens
Target and Walmart

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