Sunday, July 17, 2011

School Supply Shopping Plan
Week of 7/17/11

Hello everybody!  If you are joining me on my quest to donate as many school supplies as possible, or perhaps are school-supply shopping for your own kiddos, here's my list of the best school supply deals this week.  This is the plan I'll be using to shop.  I'll post later what I was able to get.


This week Staples doesn't have any doorbusting deals.  However, they do have one deal I will pick up when I am in the area:
  • 1 ream of Hammermill Copy Plus Paper (20 lb., 92 US) for $1 are rebate.  Limit 2

Office Max

Office Max has a couple of good deals this week.  I'll be looking for:
  • Office Max Filler Paper 100-sheets $0.01. Limit 2
  • Just Basics Ballpoint Pens 10-pack $0.50. Limit 3


Target has some great deals, especially if you are willing to print a couple of coupons.  For details on the coupons, see here.  I printed Target coupons for Papermate, Sharpie, Magic Tape, and Bic products.
  • Bic Crystal Pens 10-pack $0.50 (free after coupons when you buy 2)
  • Magic Tape $0.50 (free after coupon)
  • Papermate pens 10-pack.  These were $1.00 last week (not on sale), so with the $1 off coupon I printed, these should be free
  • Sharpie pens.  I don't know the price of these, but with a $1 off coupon, they should be very affordable.


Walgreens has some decent deals this week.  Here's what I'll be buying:
  • Penway 2-pocket folders $0.09. Limit 4
  • Splash mini-highlighters $0.09.  Limit 4
  • Penway pencils 10-pack $0.19
  • Papermate mechanical pencils 5-pack $0.19
  • Penway or Wexford 1-in. Poly binders $0.49

Fred Meyers

Fred Meyers had one deal I am interested in this week:
  • Spiral notebooks (70 sheets) 10 for $1. Limit 10.

There are other school supply sales at these locations, and probably sales elsewhere that I don't know about.  I'll be checking for updates through out the week.

Happy Shopping!

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