Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Positive Peer Pressure

Alright, I am knee-deep in crafting baby shower decorations, and loving EVERY minute of it!  I'm learning how to do all sorts of new things with paper, and as soon as I come up for air, I will post my projects, I promise.  First, though, I'm taking a break for a slightly different crafty focus.

I am a happy daily reader of Young House Love.  If you've never checked them out, I recommend it.  They are witty, creative, and fun.  They've become DIY gurus, and I find them to be quite inspiring.  Plus, they're new parents, too, (can I say that after 14 months???) so it's good to see other people experiencing the same challenges, delights, and hilarities that we do.

Anywho, yesterday YHL (and 3 other fab blogs) issued a challenge-- a Pinterest challenge.  I am a sucker for a challenge, especially a creative one, so I am in.  I recently started a pinterest account, and I have pinned a few things I want to do for Claire's room, so this was good timing.  Rather than explain the details myself, check out the description on YHL here.  Basically, by next Tuesday, I need to create something that was inspired by one of my pinned items on Pinterest.  I immediately thought to do something for the baby shower, but that seemed kind of like cheating, seeing as the original 4 seem to be doing things for their own homes, so I'm gonna do something for Claire's room instead.  Next Tuesday, I'll post the results.  Wish me luck!

PS This week I FINALLY finished Claire's nursery.  I know, for shame, for shame.  The room had blank walls the first 13.75 months of C's life, but this week we finally got everything hung, and it looks complete.  Hurrah!  At least we got it done before she noticed right??  Details to come...

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