Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Supply Shopping Update

Well, this week wasn't super fruitful, but I did manage to find some good deals.  FYI, apparently, in other parts of the country Staples and Office Depot have some pretty good sales right now, but at least here in the Seattle Metro area, no dice.

By the way, for anyone collecting supplies for HopeLink, this year they are specifically looking for the following items:
  • 2-inch binders
  • filler paper
  • spiral notebooks
  • folders
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • glue
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • rulers
  • backpacks

I got two packs of BIC pens for $1, but since I had a coupon for $1 off of 2, they were free to me!
(Target was out of the magic tape, and I forgot my coupons for the Sharpies and Papermate pens, so I did not purchase those items.)

I got the following items at Walgreens:
  • 5 Papermate mechanical pencil 5-packs, $0.19 each
  • 5 Penway pencil 10-packs, $0.19 each
  • 6 Penway 2-pocket folders, $0.09 each

Fred Meyers
I bought quite a bit here:
  • 10 Spiral Notebooks 70-sheets, for $0.10 each
  • 4 Crayola crayons 24-packs for $0.25 each
  • 4 Elmers School Glues for $0.25 each
  • 1 Crayola colored pencils 12-pack for $0.99 each
  • 4 student-sized scissors for $0.50 each
So, for a total of $8.53 I was able to get 41 items this week.  That brings my grand total so far to $17.60 for 73 items.  Remember, I challenged myself to see how many needed school supply items I can purchase for $100.  That means I have $82.40 and about 4 weeks to go.  How is your supply shopping going?

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