Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Supply Donation Challenge Complete!

I did it!  I spent $100.31 purchasing as many school supplies as I possibly could to donate to Hopelink, a local charity that helps kids in need.  When I started this challenge, I knew I could get a fair amount of supplies because I have lots of experience with discount school supply shopping (more on that here).  However, I was pleased as punch to discover just how far $100 could really go.  Ready to see the grand haul?  Here it is:
Here's a breakdown of exactly what's on that table:
  • 18 packs of filler paper (a total of 2,790 sheets!)
  • 32 spiral notebooks
  • 2 binders
  • 2 Insertable divider 5-packs
  • 20 bottles of school glue
  • 56 glue sticks
  • 88 pens
  • 11 colored pencil 12-packs
  • 15 crayon 24-packs
  • 10 thin marker 10-packs
  • 5 reams of copy paper
  • 2 packs of 100 3x5 index cards
  • 2 mini-staplers
  • 10 scissors
  • 39 highlighters
  • 20 Sharpie markers
  • 41 mechanical pencils
  • 115 wood pencils
  • 10 rulers
  • 11 pencil sharpeners
  • 153 cap erasers
  • 20 pearl erasers
  • 32 folders
Not shown (because I forgot to put them on the table.  Whoops.)
  • 2 backpacks
  • 3 pencil boxes
Cool, huh?  I figure that is enough to completely outfit two students, to provide 8 more students with everything but a binder and a backpack, and then provide assorted supplies to many more students. 

Tomorrow I will drop it all off at Hopelink.  I'm excited to talk to them to find out the results of their drive.  Have any of you been gathering supplies to donate?  Did you miss the Hopelink deadline?  Remember, you can also drop off donated supplies to most office supply stores.  If you need help finding a place, let me know!

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