Monday, August 22, 2011

A little perspective

Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality.  I vacillate between being grateful to have a solid roof over our head that we can afford on one income, and maniacally looking for ways to get out from under said roof.  We live in a nice 3 bedroom condo.  Our complex was converted from apartments into condos 4 years ago, and when they did so they updated the finishes and did any necessary repair work.  That's a big reason why we bought this place-- because it was move-in ready.  It is a perfectly functional, adequate home.  And with only 3 of us, we do have enough space.  But the trouble is I never thought we'd be here once we had a kid, and now that my kid is super mobile, the small space is really getting to me. 

I know that in many, many places, 1038 sq. ft. for a family of three is spacious.  I also know that it is adequate.  But the trouble is that I long for more.  Is that terrible?  I know that I should be grateful for what we have, and find ways to make it work, and most days I am and I do.  But other days, I just can't take it.  And the thought of adding another person into this space (no, I'm not pregnant, just thinking of the future) makes my head spin.

Having said all that, looking at the new IKEA catalog makes me realize that there are many ways to make this space work even with another little one running around.   So I'm planning to make some changes.  But I'm going to make them small changes that can come with us.  Because I don't want to be here forever, and I think it is ok to plan for a time when we'll live in a bigger house.  I think that's practical, not ungrateful.

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