Friday, June 24, 2011

Have You Tried These?

Happy Friday, y'all.

Ok, first let me apologize for my subpar photog skills.  Patrick is our resident photographer, and I have been too busy/lazy to take time to learn our camera as I should.  Being fearless, however, I took the camera off the auto settings to try for a better shot.  It's a bit blurry, but I applaud my initiative. :)

Anyhoo, back to the point of this post.  Have you tried these tasty little treats from Trader Joes?  They are so surprisingly good.  I picked them up on a quick trip to TJs last night.  They were supposed to be a Claire treat.  Ends up I think they'll be a mommy (and probably daddy) treat, too.

My little teacher heart was first attracted to the fact that these are alphabet-shaped cookies. Any chance to get Claire learning her ABCs, don't ya know. I figured they would be like Teddy Grahams, but they come in a big ol' tub at a great price.  They are the perfect size for Claire to pick up, and I don't feel too bad about giving her a cookie, because she has to eat 15 just to eat one serving!

Clearly, she's a fan.

When I got them home and tasted them, though, I knew I was in trouble.  They're like a snickerdoodle cookie that mated with a graham cracker.  Fabulous cinnamon-y taste in a soft-crunch cookie.  I'm in trouble.  Then I tried them with my coffee this morning. Yum to the yum. 

Are they the best little cookie I've ever had? Nah.  But will they be a tasty little treat for the three of us?  Absolutely!

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