Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie

I know it's not yet Halloween, and for most people it's way too early to even think about the holidays, but I'm a planner, so Christmas has been on my radar for a couple of weeks.  In fact, I'm about 25% done with my shopping.  Booyah.  I'm also a crafter, and I love to host parties, and those things take time, so even though my dad sticks his fingers in his ears and cries "LA LA LA" to avoid it, I've been talking about Christmas, too.  (My dad is of the sweet, old-school camp who thinks you shouldn't even talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.)

So, what am I thinking about and planning?  Well, first of course is our Christmas card.  We've gone with the Costco photo cards the last couple of years.  They're great and super reasonably priced, but since having access to my crafting supplies again for the first time in a couple of years, I'm itching to make ours this year.  I have no idea what I'll do yet, but I'm getting tres excited thinking about it.

But the thing I'm super excited about right now is the 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange my mom and I will be hosting (hence the title).  It's a little grandiose calling it the "2nd Annual", but I'm thrilled that my mom is onboard for doing this again, and I'm hoping it's a tradition that goes on for years to come. 

I love Christmas cookies.  And I love to have a bunch of different types, but who has the time (or caloric budget) to make lots of different cookies?  Not this girl.  Actually, Patrick's mom makes an amazing spread of cookies every year (they're delicious!!) but I lack the additional freezer space, and I have a cute little 17 month old getting in my way of massive cookie production.  That's where the cookie exchange comes in.  You bring one type of cookie to share, and come home with many types.  I love that you end up with cookies you've never had, or don't have the gear for (hello, krumkake!), and you have a reasonable amount of a variety of cookies.

This year my mom and I are inviting a few more people so we're thinking we'll have everyone exchange half-dozens.  But before that can happen, I've got lots to do.  First off, is designing an invitation.  I feel a trip to Pinterest in my future...  So I'm off.  Here's hoping there are many happy cookie dreams and party plans in your future, too!

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