Thursday, October 6, 2011

Claire's First Haircut

Yesterday, I had to bite the bullet and cut Claire's hair.  I've been avoiding this, because I love the look of my baby's hair.  And baby hair is never the same once it has been cut.  But my child refuses to keep ponytails or clips in her hair, and she was beginning to look like a ragamuffin kid on a daily basis.  So something had to give.

I am not a trained professional, let's just make that clear.  But I successfully trim my own bangs from time to time, so I figured I could handle this.  And since she really only needed her bangs cut, I didn't see the point of going to a hair salon, even the ones just for kids.  So I just did it.  Here's a quick photo review of the occasion. (Note:  I did this on the spur of the moment while Patrick was at work.  So I was alone wrangling the kid, cutting the hair, and trying to take pictures.  So don't judge, lol.)

This is why Claire needed a haircut.  Despite my best efforts, Claire was looking like this daily.  My daughter is too cute not to see her beautiful eyes.
The Bait
Let's be honest.  My kid does not sit still for anything, so coming at her with scissors meant she needed a distraction.  Yes, I realized after the fact that it looks like she's the newest member of the rat pack, cigar and all, but it's a pumpernickel pretzel stick, and it worked like a charm!
It gets better, I promise. Can't you just see how much she loved this?
The Evidence
Ends up I didn't need to take off much to see those pretty peepers again.

And here is what my beautiful little girl looks like now.  Aren't her eyes gorgeous?  Totally worth it!
The verdict
She seemed pretty happy with the results, too!

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